Haw River, NC – BellBloc, a performance fabric liner for the casual, residential, hospitality and contract industries, has announced a new marketing campaign that puts their products to the test. BellBloc will debut the initiative, including a series of videos, to showcase the brand’s commitment to transparency.

“Seeing is believing,” said Laurie Jenkins, Co-Owner and Textile Engineer for BellBloc. “And while we have the laboratory tests to back up our claims, we want everyone to see – and believe – what BellBloc can do for their outdoor décor. So, we’ve staged our own lab and captured it on video.” 

Jenkins’ team set up a test facility in historic Savannah, Georgia during a rainy weekend to prove BellBloc’s water-resistance potential. The company is also introducing a new hashtag to celebrate the campaign kickoff. 

BellBloc has received superior marks for its ability to repel water, resulting in a drier cushion that retains its shape and comfort and extends the lifespan of the design. Extensively tested in a laboratory setting, BellBloc’s polyester cushion liners rate consistently higher than traditional polypropylene liners in terms of water-resistance, heat stability, and mold- and mildew-resistance, as well as breathability. 

“We knew we had discovered something singularly exceptional in BellBloc,” said Jenkins. “These revolutionary liners combine the ultimate in comfort and luxury with unparalleled longevity.” 

To see the video, click here. For more information, go to bellbloc.com.


Laurie Jenkins  laurie@bellbloc.com